The RQ Factor
the Pursuit of Happiness belongs to the Buyer
the Seller's role is to seek Opportunities to assist Buyers
an American book
The RQ Factor
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discover and share the secrets that make America great
how sellers win market share when buyers have freedom of choice

The RQ Factor

the Jason Stapleton Program

"if you are looking to learn how to sell..."

"...or if you are trying to get the ideas of Liberty out to your friends and family, this is a great book"


"After reading The RQ Factor through twice, I began to understand what we already do intuitively. Please don't share with my competitors...they are still trying to do it the old fashioned way!"
Don D.
Founder & CEO

Robert B.
Patent Law Attorney
"In minutes, I found The RQ Factor concepts quite helpful, actually, in helping me systematically think about different concepts that I already knew or had experiences with, but to then put them together into a comprehensive framework."

"Reading The RQ Factor white paper confirmed my beliefs in what it takes to be successful in business. Breaking down viable strategies and paradigms in a clear and concise manner gives a fresh and valuable perspective, and I can't wait for the book to launch. Most certainly, I will be sharing this information with my friends and colleagues."
Alyce B.
Vocal Coach

Jim F.
SEO and Web Advertising
"Todd Bagley and Mike Brenhaug nail it with The RQ Factor. Their keen insights into the dynamics of interpersonal relationships within a business and corporate setting are spot on. Do the math and you will be more effective in working with customers and clients as well as building a stronger, and more enjoyable, relationship along the way."

"A Must Read! For all of those who want to understand what it means to be a good seller of ideas and products, this is the book for you."
Timothy M.
Jason Stapleton Fan

Russell W.
Influence for Good
"The RQ Factor is our Tantalizing Tuesday Tidbit inspirational book of the week presented by its co-author, Todd Bagley, an OC Influencer and Mike Brenhaug. I asked Todd for some personal reflection about WHY he and Mike teamed... continue

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the pursuit of Happiness
America Works When Sellers Seek the Opportunity to Help Buyers Pursue Happiness

The RQ Factor


The RQ Factor

Writings Music
Foreword: A Straight and Narrow Path Song in My Heart
Preface: Why RQ Matters Catch the Spirit
One: How Revenues are Generated Fill My Mind
Two: Asking for Revenues Take Time to Pray
Three: Winning Revenues The Greatest Mystery
Four: Profit Mindsets Work In Us
Five: Power Mindsets America's Forgotten Son / America the Beautiful
Six: Why RQ Works All About Love
Epilogue I'm Set Free

Written by Todd Bagley with Mike Brenhaug
Music written and recorded by Rick Muchow
Visuals designed by Mark Pound
Cover art rendered by Laura Kammermann

© 2016 David Todd Bagley & Mike Brenhaug - All Rights Reserved
© Encouraging Music, Inc. - All Rights Reserved

Meet Team RQ
Todd Bagley Todd Bagley is a customer-centric, cost-focused Pepperdine MBA with a passion for businesses. Fully-integrated marketing, operations, and finance background. Work history includes a multi-million dollar sales track record as an individual contributor and manager of sales teams for Fortune 500 and multinational corporations, founder and employee of multiple Internet start-ups, a business coaching practice and Chambers of Commerce.

"Sell what buyers want to buy, know why your prospects are buying, and help clients understand how your differentiated offerings will effectively achieve business goals and lower total cost of ownership".

Mike Brenhaug Mike Brenhaug is President & CEO of BlueRock Coaching, a leading coaching organization in Orange County, CA. Mike is also author of WTF: Where's The Focus and the creator of the Where's The Focus program series; a results driven business course designed specifically for the driven entrepreneur that requires growth and demands success.

As a Speaker, Coach and Author Mike has helped thousands of entrepreneurs across the nation in various industries.

Mark Pound Double-degrees in design, Mark is an accomplished intra/entrepreneur with 24+ years of experience among public/private consumer and business market focused companies. Involved in leveraging internet technologies since 1995. Passionate about helping entrepreneurs and established small businesses achieve their market disrupting visions.
Laura Kammermann Our artist, Laura Kammerman, says it was her dad that got her into superheroes when she was just a little girl. Now, the Flagler College alumna is helping bring them to life as a video intern at Marvel Entertainment.
Rick Muchow Serving alongside Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church for nearly 25 years, Rick has lead worship for 20,000 attendees weekly and has coached over 150,000 pastors and church leaders from 60 denominations from over 100 countries.

Rick is the Author of The Worship Answer Book and has recorded 13 CD's.  •  Follow Us On Twitter


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